Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hambo Hoedown "Tall Card" Challenge

I'm participating in the Hambo Hoedown "Tall Card" Challenge. I'm using the cute "Stilts" digital stamp that was sent out to each person who participated in the previous weeks challenge. I could use any Hambo stamp, rubber or digital but "Stilts" will work great for me. We are required to make a tall card.

This is a birthday card for a young boy. The base of the card is embossed with numbers. I'm trying to emphasize that he's really "getting on up there" in age. Hope he likes it.


  1. Kathy, great card... Love that embossed background!!!. Thanks for playing at the Hoedown!!!

  2. The embossed background is perfect for your card! Super cute! Love the little colored corners.