Monday, September 30, 2013

Finishing Some Projects

We'll be heading South soon, so I'm trying to finish some projects...

These are some of the quilts that I started this year and now have the bindings sewn on so they can be donated. This summer I cut yards and yards of fabric into 6 inch squares. I will be taking all of them with me and our quilt charity group will sew them together into small quilts that will be donated to a children's free clinic. They will  be given to the kids who come to the clinic for treatment.

I want you to notice that  my official quilt tester "ChiChi" is still on duty and is never far away when there is a quilt or an afghan around for her to nest in. ChiChi  is now nine years old and is in great health so will be traveling south with us again this year!!!!!

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