Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More From The Wetlands Set

Just a quick post today.

 I would love to make cards today but the sewing machine is sitting on the kitchen table and before I can serve another meal there are four cushion covers that I have to  finish sewing.

This is another one of the "very masculine" cards that I made using the "Wetlands" stamp set from Stampin Up.

 You probably thought I wouldn't have any pictures of shore birds to show today  as I live on the prairie.  This is a............Killdeer also known as a Plover and considered to be a shore bird.

I've never seen them drink water from a birdbath but he liked my rhubarb leaf bird bath.

This was the first time I ever saw a baby Killdeer.

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  1. I love the card. You are so gifted with all the crafts you do. Looking forward to seeing you in AZ in January.