Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waiting For The Hatch

We're back in Minnesota!

"Cool" describes it pretty  well.

Last year I did a post about the Killdeer family that was in our backyard. Click on the link to read it and see the pictures.  Guess we made them feel right at home because they're back.

Our first day home we immediately went  to the windows and opened all  the blinds. As soon as we did the Killdeer started making all kinds of  commotion.They were screeching and running all around the  back yard.

 Sure enough, they've made their nest in the rocks surrounding our patio.

They are sitting on four eggs! They do take turns sitting on the nest and they are a bit more comfortable with our presence but we are delaying putting any furniture on the patio until the big hatch is over.

I think this is perhaps the most pathetic" bird picture" that I've ever  taken.  Click on the picture to make it larger.

In just this one week, this poor  mom has had to endure thunder, lightening,  rain, wind, frost and the two of us cleaning out the flower beds!
 Obviously she thought this was the perfect location to raise her young.

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