Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sharing Some Show & Tell

Today I'll share some of the terrific show & tell items from our craft group get-together. These are only some of the items as I wasn't always quick enough with the camera.

These are place mats and bowls made by Bev. She wraps clothesline cord with strips of fabric and then machine stitches them together. Very cute and a great way to use lots of fabric from the stash.

Evy brought us each a birthday gift. She made a cute little basket and  filled  them with Snickers candy bars.

Evy made these  canvas pictures using bits and pieces of clothing from  her mom's wardrobe. The buttons, buckles and other embellishments were all from her mom's treasures.

 Last year Jeanette gave a bag of unfinished  fabric goodies to Cindy.  The goodies were things that Jeanette decided she would never finish and had cleaned out of her craft stash.  Jeanette was very  surprised when Cindy presented her with this finished pillow,which was  from that bag of goodies.

The beading on this pillow was from a beading class that we had taken at the Minnesota State Quilt Show a number of years back. Beautiful!

Later this week I'll share more of the show & tell. Stay tuned.

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