Friday, July 5, 2013

Design Bootcamp Assignment #4

This is my card creation for Design Bootcamp assignment #4. Using odd numbers in design.


Design Bootcamp lesson #4 is on the rule of odds. The question is: How many elements should there be in my composition? 1-3-5? Grouping in odd numbers makes the arrangement more dynamic, appealing, memorable and effective.

I saw a card on pinterest similar to this one. I made my 3 bird bodies by cutting  ovals with my Spellbinders oval die and then dividing each oval  in half by cutting it diagonally. One oval makes two bodies.  I used the wing from my SU Bird punch. For the beaks I cut a narrow strip of orange and made a V-cut on one end  as if I were making a banner.


  1. Adorable! This is a terrific example of using the rule of odds to help create a strong, interesting design. They look great against the honeycomb background and you've also managed to touch on the concepts of variation and repetition in this design too. Nice work! Thanks for joining in the Bootcamps.

    Paula S.
    OWH Bootcamp Instructor