Monday, July 15, 2013

OWH Design Bootcamp - Get Your Priorities Straight

The OWH Design Bootcamp lesson for this month is "Get Your Priorities Straight" or "Choosing A Major, Minor & Accent Color.

The lesson tells us that once we choose our colors for our card design we will want to  prioritize the major, minor and accent colors. The lesson suggests that we use a time tested rule to distribute the colors using  60% for the Major color, 30% for the Minor color, and 10% for the Accent color.

Our assignment is to choose a color combination and make a card to share. 

Yellow-60%       White-30%     Black-10%


  1. I really like your use of the dry embossing on the card-topper with the partially-colored overlay.Nice job!

  2. Wow, fantastic card! Lots of detail, and alot of hard work! Love the swath of honey comb going through the middle, nice use of one third rule as well!

  3. Nice job Kathy! Not only does your card demonstrate the 60/30/10 concept, you also touched on the Rules of Threes, as well as Repetition and Variation in your group of bees. Thanks for joining in the July Bootcamp!