Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Took A Little Trip

Our craft group took a trip  to Big Stone City, S. D. to see our good friend Sally. From there we drove to the little town of Twin Brooks, S. D. where  Sally had made  lunch reservations for us at the Bird Feeder Restaurant.

For starters we were each served our very own serving of Bird Seed (a variety of seeds such as soy nuts and sunflower seeds)  and Iced Raspberry Tea. Next we had Fresh Corn Chowder which was the best soup ever. Then we had our choice of sandwiches,  Chicken Salad  or Pulled Pork on home made bread with  tortilla chips (they make their own) and a special dip, fresh fruit, a salad made of fresh vegetables and pasta.

At this point they gave us all take out boxes so we could save part of our sandwich, they were just making sure that we would have enough room to eat the best part of the meal, DESSERT!

Now this group doesn't like to choose between desserts but we want to have them all so of course three ordered the Fresh Peach Pie and three ordered the Brownie with all the caramel and nuts and of course these come with Ice Cream. Then we divided our dessert in half and shared.

Oops, ate half of my pie before realizing I needed  to take a picture of it.

I did a google search for this restaurant and found this article  I'm only including this  so you can read about the history of the restaurant.


  1. How fun! I would love to have a stamping group of friends!

  2. What a nice looking bunch we are. We look very full and well nourished.